Stake Your Tokens with Confidence

A Powerful Staking Collaboration to earn huge rewards provided by $KONDA from Space Troopers :

$KONDASpace Troopers

Welcome to the future of staking!

The collaboration between $KONDA and Space Troopers brings you a cutting-edge staking platform. Stake your tokens with confidence and unlock the potential for huge rewards. Our user-friendly, low-cost, and powerful staking solution is designed to elevate your investment experience.

Space Troopers staking mechanism provide a seamless staking experience, ensuring that you can maximize your returns without any hassle. With a commitment to security, transparency, and innovation, our collaboration aims to redefine the staking landscape.

Key Features

  • 🚀 Staking is free, no sign-up or passwords required.
  • 🔐 No smart contracts used in the staking process.
  • 💸 Rewards can be paid in any token on Cardano.
  • 💳 Claims start at 2 ADA, covering fees and sending ADA back with tokens claimed.
  • 📊 Project team members can access a stats area to track user activity.
  • 🚰 Faucet/vending machines can be added on request.
  • 💎 Fungible Token staking - earn daily interest on your $coin, with boosts available.

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